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Posted By Smokedhalibut: Wed May 18, 2005 1:46 pm     The Halibuts on Deathwing - Wee Halibuts and Halibut Nymphs  
For anyone wishing to play an Alliance alt at some point we have two Halibut comedy guilds on the Deathwing PvP server.

The Wee Halibuts is largely a guild of Gnome Rogues with pink hair, many of whom are female.

The Halibut Nymphs is a exclusively a guild of blonde haired, human, female Paladins (with the exception of one confused and slightly camp blond). The only clothes it is permissible to wear are ones which make your character appear sluttier than the alternative of no item at all (Paladins don't really need clothes anyway) a chainmail bra for instance is definitely more provocative than the default one. Suitably effeminate names are popular - a number of people have chosen flowers as names.

Feel free to join either guild with an appropriate character and just ask in chat if you want to join up. It makes a nice change to be able to swap to an easy mode Paladin or otherwise be thoroughly ridiculous with a pink haired Gnome (or if you really, absolutely, must some other race).

Mostly we play on Deathwing when Daggerspine is down or the mood takes a number of us at once. It's not meant to be serious though (unlike the Daggerspine guild *coughs*) so don't get upset if no-one wants to come over and play their alt and level with you

We only invite Halibuts btw... no point inviting people into a guild that isn't going to be used regularly enough. If people want to join tell them to come here as should always be the case.

The Halibut Mission Statement, from the mighty ChufGreb (Halibutosis):

"Like the mighty halibut of justice swimming upstream against the river of evil to the spawning grounds of righteousness. Fear the fish, gentlemen. We are crossing the pond."