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Begging, Etiquette and Previously Unwritten Rules....

Posted SmokedHalibut: Tue Sep 06, 2005 1:44 pm     Begging, Etiquette and Previously Unwritten Rules....  

It's come to the attention of the Council that we've had an incident in which a member of The Halibuts was spotted begging for gold in Orgrimarr. We've advised that person that it's not acceptable behaviour.

Please can I make it clear to everyone who is knew to The Halibuts that there are certain types of behaviour that are not on.

- Begging for cash
- Using 1337 speak out of the context of taking the piss out of it
- No sense of humour
- WTS <insert item name here> in Guild - offer it free, or on the forums, or not at all

If there's any other types of behaviour that we'd normally frown on then please let me know and I can add them to the list. We've got a rather particular set of likes and dislikes as an outfit and it's fair to say that it's worth publicising them.

The Halibut Mission Statement, from the mighty ChufGreb (Halibutosis):

"Like the mighty halibut of justice swimming upstream against the river of evil to the spawning grounds of righteousness. Fear the fish, gentlemen. We are crossing the pond."