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The bigger boat::

The Bigger Boat is raiding guild we created specifically to concentrate on the higher level content available in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately it's just not possible to play the game at the top level without restricting membership by numbers, class, availability and so on. It's been a great succes so far as we've downed a number of bosses we'd previously not been able to scratch.

Currently we are playing on Daggerspine and our alts are in The Halibuts on the same server. It's likely that many of us will be taking advantage of the opportunity to move to the new Outlands server in the hopes that we'll actually be able to play when we want and relatively lag free.

The Halibut Mission Statement, from the mighty ChufGreb (Halibutosis):

"Like the mighty halibut of justice swimming upstream against the river of evil to the spawning grounds of righteousness. Fear the fish, gentlemen. We are crossing the pond."